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A Complete Circle of Care for Brain Tumor Patients

Carol Beil and Bill Lieber are family members of patients who were treated at the Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute (NBTI). Mary Koludrovic is a social worker at the NBTI who meets with brain tumor patients after their diagnosis and helps to improve their quality of life as they battle cancer.

Carol, Bill and Mary are united in their support of the NBTI's Patient and Family Assistance Fund. This fund was created for brain tumor patients who need financial assistance with certain medications, COBRA payments, transportation, respite care and other expenses that are often not covered by insurance or Medicare.

"We look at each situation on a case-by-case basis," says Mary. "Whenever there's a financial hardship, we ask ourselves what we can do to help relieve the burdens on our patients and their families."

You can learn more about Carol, Bill and Mary in the videos below.