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Impact of Giving

Gratitude in Action

Dan Dickinson was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2009, and due to the seriousness of his condition he was quickly placed on the UNOS list for a liver transplant. Ultimately, he would wait more than 18 months for a new liver, but during the wait—and beyond it—he and his family (wife Nancy, daughters Laurie and Annie and their families) were determined to reach out to others who were living through the same challenges.

Transforming Cancer Care with the Help of Our Donors

The Cancer Survivorship Institute of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University is an interdisciplinary institute that brings together clinicians and scientists to stimulate and support exceptional cancer survivorship patient care and research programs. Our patient centered approach provides comprehensive supportive oncology services including psychosocial, rehabilitative, integrative and palliative care.

Physician’s Generosity Enhances Patient Care

Exceptional patient care begins with exceptional care providers—a fact well known to Frank Krumlovsky, MD, who spent his entire 40-year career as a nephrologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. “It struck me early in my career that, since patients have constant contact with their nurses, that it’s crucial for these nurses to receive continual educational opportunties,” says Dr. Krumlovsky. “A patient’s best friend is a happy, well-educated nurse.”